Do you know any other language beside English? If you regularly visit websites in your own language, sometimes you may dislike the default Unicode font, and it's size. Now we will show you the way

First Step:
Go to the "Fonts" folder of your computer and delete the "Arial Unicode MS" font, even from Recycle Bin. Windows user can get the "Fonts" folder by clicking on "Start" > click on "Run", type "Fonts". simple ...

Second Step:
Download or collect your favorite font from Internet or any friend. Now cut and paste that favorite font in "Fonts" folder. Pasting any font here means it is installed in system

Third Step (for Mozilla Firefox)
  • Go to Tools > Options > Content tab > 
  • Now click on "Advanced" of  "Fonts & Colors" section.
  • Now select your language clicking on the down arrow of  "Fonts for" section
  • in Proportional, choose Sans Serif
  • Now select your preferred font from both "Serif" and "Sans-serif" section
  • Choose minimum font size 16 everywhere (You may change it later to adjust)
  • You can tick on "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above"
  • click on "Ok", now close !

Third Step (for Google Chrome)
  • Go to Settings > Show advanced settings ... 
  • Click on "Customize fonts" from "Web content" section
  • Click on "Advanced font settings", install the Apps,
  • After successful installation, you will see a "fonts" logo beside address bar, choose "options"
  • Choose your language in "Script"
  • Choose your favorite font in Standard font, Serif font, Sans-serif font section and Fixed-width fonts.
  • Set font size to 13 everywhere (You may change it later to adjust)
  • Click on "Apply settings", now close ! 

For checking, you can go to Facebook, and select your own language. See the change. Enjoy  !!