Sometimes we may need to send a ‘ScreenShot’ to a friend, or to email to tech support, or to keep documents, or to print somewhere. Today we will learn how to take screenshot in Windows PC and Android Phone

Windows PC

There is a simple way to take a snapshot of an application window or your entire display in a matter of seconds without the need of any external software.  

Step 1: Capture the image Assuming the area you want to capture is displayed on your screen, press the Print Screen (often shortened to “PrtScn”) key, typically located in the upper right corner of your keyboard, to capture a screenshot of your entire display. Alternatively, press Alt + Print Screen to merely capture a screenshot of the active window

Step 2: Open Paint Click the Start menu, navigate to the Windows Accessories/Apps View/ All Apps  and click Paint.  Alternative way is Windows Search, which can be used to find ‘Paint’ by searching for — Paint

Step 3: Paste and save the screenshot Once open, choose Edit then Paste. Perform any edits you want, such as cropping the image to a specified area, and click the main File option. Afterward, select Save as, — and Save

Android Phone or Tablet

For the vast majority of Android phones and tablets, to take a screenshot you simply press and hold the power and volume-down buttons together. After a few seconds the screen will flash and a notification will appear in the drop-down bar at the top of the screen, giving you options to delete, share or edit the image. You can also access the screenshot from your Gallery.

(If your device has a physical home button, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6, you may find there is a different method for taking a screenshot. On the Galaxy S6 you press and hold the power and home buttons together.)

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