If you have plan to build a WordPress website for your own, or you have a plan to build your career to be WordPress developer, you must have to practice. Buying hosting may be tough for students or beginners. But you can easily use your own computer to test maximum features of WordPress.

Download XAMPP Control Panel

This free Software will help to run PHP and MySQL database in your computer. Go to https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html and download the latest version. You have all Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. 


After completing the installation, and click on the Start button to activate Apache and MySQL.


click on the Start button to activate Apache and MySQL

Download WordPress

Go to https://wordpress.org/download and download the latest version WordPress CMS. If it is Windows, go to C:\xampp\htdocs and create a folder to install WordPress. Actually htdocs itself is the root folder here. But if you want to create multiple test websites, it will be better for you to create websites in sub-folders. 


How to organize folder and files in XAMPP Control Panel ?


Here for example, we are creating a folder named test. Now unzip the downloaded WordPress folder inside this test folders. All main files must be under it, not the wordpress folder.

Create MySQL Database

Open this URL http://localhost/ in you browser, then go to phpMyAdmin from top links. Or you can open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/  directly.

Create MySQL Database

Create a database here. For example devilhunter. You can create database as many as you want. For this, database name devilhunter is an example. To help yourself to remember, and to organize multiple websites, you can keep the database name test

Install WordPress in local computer

Step 1 : Go to exactly this address: http://localhost/test/ as we have created a folder named test.  Remember, 

  • If the folder's name was abcd, then the address would be http://localhost/abcd/
  • To keep all folders and files organized, you can create a sub-folder inside htdocs, for example, server. Then you can create multiple sub-sub-folders like test1, test2, test3 etc. If you create a test folder inside server sub-folder, the address will be http://localhost/server/test/


Step 2 : You will have to choose Language. Do it. 

Choose WordPress Language


Step 3 : Click on Let's go!


Click on Let's go! to install WordPress


Step 4 : See the screenshot, try to understand. 


 Database, Username and Passoword of WordPress website


  • Database : devilhunter (we created it in phpMyAdmin)
  • Username: root (this is common for all test websites in local computer)
  • Password: Keep it blank (Who needs security here?)
  • Table Prefix : add devilhunter after wp_


Step 5 : After clicking on Submit, click on Run the installation.


Step 6 : Input information. Site Title means your website's <title>. User name may be dear or anything else. Password may be anything. Here username is dear, and password is 1234. To help yourself to remember you may keep same username and password like

  • test for test folder
  • test1 for test1 folder
  • test2 for test2 folder
  • test3 for test3 folder

These are not database password at all. This login credential is to log-in into your WordPress dashboard. 

Final Step to install WordPress


Congratulations! Your website is created. The address is:


Joomla, Drupal, or something else

It's the almost same process to install any CMS here. Little plus minus. Good luck.